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IDEal - new version 0.8.94 is here... Friday, September 07, 2007

[Added] Review Declarations - allows you to review the source code to detect unused declarations (Variables, Constants, Functions).
[Added] Insert ScanCode - Insert scancodes easily ( optionally with Keyhit, Keydown ) .
[Added] 'Edit userlibs' now allows you to edit the userlib file in the same dialog.
[Added] Mark All in the Find/Replace dialog is now functional .
[Added] Association and ability to open a workspace from .iws files.
[Added] Function help field in the status bar is auto-resizable and follows parameters ( on long function declarations ).
[Added] Columns widths in the Code Explorer are now saved and restored on next start-up.
[Added] Customize UI - command ( by default in the Settings menu ) that brings you to the customization of the User Interface.
[Added] Check for some needed system files on start-up ( checks if they are registered and offers to register them if they aren't ).
[Changed] Autocomplete is now enabled in declaration lines after the actual declaration.
[Changed] Moved to the latest scintilla build.
[Changed] 'Export to HTML' now accepts code formatted without LineFeed characters ( some other IDEs use this type ).
[Fixed] Wrongly selected userlib on starting 'Edit Userlib' dialog.
[Fixed] Parser bug that may lead to repeated exceptions after removing certain code elements.
[Fixed] Function Help tips may highlight wrong parameter in some cases.
[Fixed] When compiling project, compile error in a file that is not included in a project would throw an exception.
[Fixed] IDEal would throw an exception when adding existing files to a project if the active window wasn't part of the project.
[Fixed] Cursor and the last line can became invisible when the last line is part of the folded block of code and you try to focus and type after that line.
[Fixed] Double Click on an empty Dirs favorites list throws an error.
[Fixed] Renaming the active directory in the File Explorer in some other Windows process would throw an exception.ode.

Download it HERE

IDEal version 0.8.87 is up... Wednesday, March 28, 2007

[Added] Automatic backup - two types - with time stamp or with .bak increment .
[Added] Export to HTML.
[Added] Toggle command button for Strict mode On/Off.
[Added] Userlibs editor - lets you easily enable / disable certain userlibs.
[Added] Automatic re-highlighting of files after refreshing definitions for your compiler.
[Added] Insert Filepath - Inserts a filename with relative path at the current position. Path is relative to the location of the project file.
[Added] Var++ conversion now accepts arrays with many parameters. Also added more validation checks against the candidate for conversion. 
[Added] Command Line switch /L:%line% - jump to a line after opening a file.
[Added] Strict mode now accepts both Float and Float# as valid commands.
[Added] Option to save all open files on compile ( default is to save all files from the active project ).
[Changed] 'Save all files' command no longer asks to save newly created files .
[Changed] Arrays that are "redimmed" now are shown only once in the autocomplete list.
[Changed] Maximum number of opened files that are listed under windows menu is now unlimited.
[Fixed] Removing all files from a project would throw an exception.
[Fixed] Advanced autoindent incorrectly indents line where 'IF' and 'Else IF' statements are used in the same line .
[Fixed] Refresh definitions would fail if you have an unicode characters in the blitz path.
[Fixed] Workspace cannot be loaded if the workspace contain more than 40 files.
[Fixed] IDEal can be "blocked" after reinstalling of a same version.
[Fixed] Adding file to a project that is already opened as a single file would throw an exception.
[Fixed] Adding file to a project by drag-dropping from the windows explorer would not open that file.
[Fixed] Deleting a line 3 lines below folded function / block would unfold that function / block.
[Fixed] Percent sing in front of binary numbers was colored red in strict mode.

Download it HERE

IDEal - new version 0.8.77 Friday, February 16, 2007

[Added] External tools - define and run external tools that use BB files or created executables ( as UPX, Cod2Doc, preprocessors etc...)
[Added] Option to show/hide marker margin
[Added] typing variable++ /-- can be automatically converted to variable=variable+1 /-1 ( optional )
[Added] IDEal now comes supplied with default blitz font, i.e. no longer relies on the user having installed it in the fonts directory
[Added] Option to not sort functions in the Code Explorer ( file mode only ). i.e. to sort them acording to their position in the file
[Added] Goto Declaration now also works if the keyword is selected
[Changed] IDEal's window now positions itself to last screen location after restarting, instead of centering itself on the screen
[Changed] Loading workspace now won't close browser help files that are opened
[Changed] On new installation default Blitz folder is C:\Program FIles\Blitz3D
[Fixed] Parser bug that was causing array of type that contains BB Array of another type to not be parsed correctly
[Fixed] Using XP Themes wasn't possible if you did a clean installation of the previous ( 0.8.62 ) version.
[Fixed] Code tips for functions would point to wrong parameter while typing arrays as parameters
[Fixed] Bug that was causing exception on the first run after unninstalling and installing the same version of IDEal
[Fixed] Using "Keyword Help" after multiple loading of a workspace would throw an exception

This website is upFriday, February 16, 2007

Most of this site isn't functional yet, but I plan to add content in the following days...
Anyway, downloads should be working, and that's most important in this moment.

IDEal - new version 0.8.62 Wednesday, January 17, 2007

[Added] Scope tips - IDEal will show the first line of Scope/Loop in the status bar when the cursor is over the keyword that ends that scope/loop !
[Added] 'Includes' in the CodeExplorer with right-click menu to open them in IDEal
[Added] Ability to Highlight as 'Bad' functions that return value, if braces are missing after the function call.
[Added] Option to select the default page for the 'new window' command in the browser
[Added] Option 'open browser at stat-up'
[Added] Ability to open html files from the file explorer in the internal browser
[Added] 'Save All FIles' command
[Added] Option - Home key jumps to the first position in the line
[Changed] Case correction will not apply in declaration lines
[Fixed] Closing project before saving would not save the changes
[Fixed] Loading empty ( no files ) project would crash IDEal
[Fixed] When adding files to a project, IDEal would ask for every file if multiple files were selected
[Fixed] Removing file from a project and manually closing it may crash the editor
[Fixed] Autocomplete would not start when writing parameters for arrays and also text would be written in red
[Fixed] Parser bug that would throw an exception in some cases where local variables are declared after the last function in the file, or if 'one-line' function was declared inside other function




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